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Anonymous said: How many days of work or school did you miss last year?

don’t ask hehe

"There’s no heartbreak quite like when you’re seventeen and you’ve realized someone could love you and then not love you. Just like that. No more love for you.
Wonder if it will ever hurt this bad again. Realize that it does but in more subtle ways. Heartbreak becomes a more controlled insanity in your twenties, a manageable illness.
Sometimes you almost miss the way it felt to get your heart broken for the first time by a boy. But not really. Not really at all."

Ryan O’Connell, How To Get Your Heart Broken By A Boy For The First Time (via loveless-people)

(via whatthewordsmiss)

Anonymous said: what are your top 5 indie songs?

I don’t really know the grounds as to how a song is classified as ‘indie’. But in my own terms, here are my top 5 indie songs (top 5, coz they are my most listened to these past few weeks):
1. A Walk- Tycho
2. Love You Better- Kyla La Grange (I have not dl’ed her new album yet ugh)
3. Do the Joy- Air
4. Lost in My Bedroom- Sky Ferreira
5. Window Bird- Stars (all-time fave)

Yup. There ya go :)

Updating journals with my sister.

Updating journals with my sister.